About Me

Not the lay on the couch, (unless you want to), yes no questions with looks of judgment, kind of therapy.

Emily Laconic, LICSW, Anxiety, Relationship & Trauma Therapist

This is a space where you are able to just be you. 

-You’ve been to other therapists and didn’t feel like you could be your authentic self because they may not believe you or they don’t understand your path.

-I can hold space for you, be your non judgemental start of a positive support system. 

My Approach

Therapy is just one piece of whole body harmony. I’m passionate about helping adults to explore relationships, emotionally heal, and move towards being their highest self.

My therapy approaches are provided with a background in Clinical Social Work and a therapeutic orientation rooted in Cognitive-Behavioral theories and Mindfulness. However, therapy is approached with an emphasis on integrative therapies and energy healing modalities to promote holistic well-being. Integrative healing modalities include but are not limited to the following; energy healing techniques, guided imagery, relaxation therapy. 

Education & Training

Bachelors of Social Work from College of St. Catherine

Masters in Social Work from St. Catherine’s University/University of St. Thomas


Trauma Therapy

Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) level 2

TeleHealth Training


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