Holistic therapy for the empathic conscious being.

Together we can work to raise your vibration towards finding your higher self.

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"Don’t let life’s storm blow you over. Together, we can strengthen your roots, with a holistic approach to healing."

Is this happening to you?

  • Struggling with getting things in life to align, despite your best efforts?
  • There's been major life changes that are forcing you to reexamine yourself. You are struggling to figure out your purpose.
  • Life seems to hurt more deeply and you are having sudden waves of emotion. Noticing an increased anxiety.
  • Relationships don't feel the same anymore. People don't seem to hear you, you feel disconnected or detached. You feel isolated and alone. You are afraid that you're not meant to be happy. 

You're not 'broken' or 'not normal'

Your unhealed parts of self are coming forward wanting to be witnessed and healed. You're exhausted from being in survival mode. It is causing you to feel unbalanced, and question your being/existence. This doesn't mean you have to ditch everything about yourself. 

What is normal? That is a label circulating throughout society, that was created to conform people, make people fit in a box and or stress over trying to get into that box. 

Together we can process your feelings and emotions. Dig deep to find roots that are causing symptoms. Explore ways to accept and release things that no longer serve you. And help you regain the self love and confidence to continue on your healing journey. 

Hi, I'm Emily 

It is inevitable that at times we will experience stressors in our lives and sometimes trauma, it can be hard to navigate through the storms alone. Therapy is just one piece of whole body harmony. I'm passionate about helping adults to explore relationships, emotionally heal, and move towards being their highest self. 

I help conscious beings, empaths and HSPs to heal their childhood trauma.  I'm committed to helping them see how it is connected to their negative behaviors and patterns in relationships now. Heal their inner child and thereby have relationships with yourself and others. You’ll learn how to put yourself first, you will not always have to say yes to everything people ask you for. You won't constantly worry when the next explosion in a relationship will be. You will stop feeling guilty, and stop feeling like there is something to prove.



Always worried or overthinking? Learn how to reconnect with your body, and not be in your head all the time.


Past painful experiences can cause you to feel powerless and like you have lost yourself. Learn to regain your sense of purpose and self-worth.


Do you keep finding yourself in relationships where you do not feel like you are being heard? Learn skills to help open your throat chakra.

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